Out of a friendship and collegial conversation spanning three decades,
Hadley Fitzgerald and Judith Harte have created a provocative fusion
of astrological symbolism, Depth Psychotherapy, and Imaginal Psychology.
Their discourse interfaces with the “acorn theory” of the late
archetypal psychologist James Hillman who conjectured that each life
has its own soul’s code, its own calling. The authors see this as resonant with a natural,
yet sophisticated astrology wherein the horoscope’s trajectory is viewed
as a pathway to one’s personal archetypal ground. 

They suggest that we can evolve in the direction of our own life’s calling
by viewing the horoscope as analogous to an acorn, inside of which is
one’s unique soul’s code with a  mysterious timepiece all its own.
As licensed psychotherapists who are actively engaged in the arts, they often
use images, imaginal dialogue, and evolutionary astrological methods
to deepen their clients’ psychotherapeutic processes.


Hadley FitzgeraldHadley Fitzgerald, MA, MFT, has been a licensed psychotherapist almost as long as she’s been an astrologer. She once had visions of becoming a Shakespearean scholar, but her soul had other plans. She has a BA in English from UCLA, and after a 1974 epiphany in which she envisioned astrology as an integral part of psychology and psychotherapy in the future, she received her MA from Phillips Graduate Institute in 1979 and her Marriage and Family Therapy license in 1981. She authored the Psychological Astrology section of “Under One Sky” by Rafael Nasser and is a free-lance writer. She has a certificate in Ecopsychology from the Institute for Cultural Change and is also a Certified Tarotpy® Practitioner.

While traditional therapeutic methods are her foundation, Hadley often expands on those methods by using astrology’s ancient archetypal symbols to help clients address the conundrums of individual and family dynamics on another level. When appropriate, she brings in a wide variety of tarot and other images to explore the mythic dimensions of each life alongside the daily emotional issues, choices, and opportunities for expression that can aid the evolution of the soul as it travels through this lifetime. At the heart of her training and her work is this question: “What does your soul–your daimon–want of you, want with you?”

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HarteJudith Harte, PhD, MFT, has been an archetypal astrologer since 1975 and a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist since 1985. She has an MA in Clinical Psychology and a PhD in Counseling Psychology. Not only does her work embrace the mythic and depth dimensions of human experience, she  also has a clinical practice with an emphasis upon crisis intervention, hospice, and coping with ordinary problems of daily living.

She has a great love for the astrological language, which is the language of myth and story. Whether astrological or psychological, she respects the coexistence and interplay of all modes of perceiving psyche and knows there are, in fact, many licensed psychotherapists worldwide who share her views. She has a burgeoning interest in clay sculpture and spends much of her free time actively creating images of soul out of clay. Her work has been shown in the “Mirrors of Your Mind” exhibitions sponsored by the Los Angeles County Psychological Association, created especially for and by psychotherapists who are also artists.

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